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Sep 13, 2012 - Jaw-dropping Californian Beaches

Some may look for beautiful beaches in California, some may be looking for nudist beaches instead…well, if you are looking for something different, here are a couple of beaches that some people, like our bus rental CA customers, believe they should be classified as either ‘out of this world’ or simply ‘weird’. Take a look around and see for yourself.

One of them would be a beach along Big Sur alled Pfeiffer Beach because they have purple sand. Yes, you heard right, purple sand. For your information, the color is due to the tiny pieces of garnets that can be found in the sand. Honestly, some people commented that they felt like there was a spillage of some sort or perhaps Nature wanted to put a twist to Californian beaches.

On the other end of the ‘out of this world’ spectrum would be Glass Beach in Fort Bragg. You would have to agree, at the end of the day, that it is one of the world’s most amazingly jaw-dropping sight because after decades of warming up the glass shards, the beach now simply looks serene, peaceful, gorgeous and most importantly, glittery with harmless glass shards.

Oceano Beach in Pismo is just about the only beach along the CA stretch that permits vehicles on its beach. Most weekend speed and car lovers will bring their large, bulky off-the-road vehicles here for a spin. Not a place you would want to have your kids rolling around in nor would you want to lay out the picnic blanket, though.

As expected, California beaches are great for any kind of outdoor activity so, if you have organizing a group vacation with your friends, family, relatives, co-workers or church members, please do remember to give bus rental CA a call for a quick bus rental quote. We would to hear from you and be your travel partner now or in the very near future.

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