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Dec 4, 2013 - The Indescribable Tranquil of San Jacinto Mountains

The indigenous people of California, particularly the Cahuilla, live in the deserts surrounding the San Jacinto Mountains which is located in the southern region of California. The Cahuilla used the mountains mainly for food hunting, foraging, and also sometimes to escape the punishing heat during summer time.

The range stretches along for approximately 1,500 km from Southern California towards the top of Baja Mountains.

A sight you wouldn’t want to miss if you are in Palm Spring

Frankly, hitting this part of the desert during summer months isn’t the best thing to do but the weather is splendid during other times of the year. If you are visiting in a large group, we recommend using a bus charter CA ground transportation during your visit. Otherwise, using the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway would suffice.

From a distance, it is gorgeous but as you make your way up the mountain, things become surreal. As mentioned, it is located in the middle of a desert but as you make your ascending journey up the terrain, you will see snow as you approach the top. Snow....and desert...they do not often come out within the same sentence, much less scenery.

Such sights is what Carl Eytel and Paul Grimm, amazing artists and inspiring individuals, call natural inspiration.

A welcoming tourist destination

San Jacinto Mountains is so beautiful that since the dawn of time, Hollywood directors and writers have found their way to the mountains for shootings of their films. Not just the top of the mountain but the surrounding desert is just as awesome. Sometimes, people make their way to San Jacinto just to take a breather from the hustling and bustling modern world.

Recreation aloft

The Pacific Crest Trail, popular hiking spot for many vacationers, acts as the spine of the trail. As there are many other trails nearby, hikers often spend their time going from one trail to another. It is fun simply because of the mild weather which is quite unheard of in the middle of the desert. Vacationers often hike their way up to 2,400 feet and set up camp at Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Station. The base is adjacent to other recreation and rock-climbing areas like Tahquitz Peak.

Some nature enthusiasts would bring along filtered water or their own water filters for hikes that lasts them for days. Just to be out in the open wilderness is such an amazing prospect that they eventually cave in to a 7-day pass....and there, for nearly a week, they spend it in the quiet of Mother Nature’s arms.

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