Undeniably some of California's best desert parks, we present you with Dealth Valley, Joshua Tree and Anza-Boreggo desert national parks, all pristine in their own right

Top 3 Desert National Parks in California

Feb 12, 2014

California has been attracting tourists and vacationers to its desert national parks for countless decades. It is the perfect place for people to come visit whenever they seek refuge from cold climate and wintry misery. Listed as some of the most beautiful and unforgettable vacation spots in the world, Americans (and Californians, in particular) are extremely fond and protective of these desert hotspots.

Here are 3 of our favorite desert national parks located in various places in California.

Death Valley

With more than 5,000 square feet of magical dunes, dangerous canyons and all-encompassing oases, Death Valley is known for its majestic beauty and overall uniqueness. The desert national park is located in the Great Basin is currently the hottest and driest desert in the world. With the punishing weather, California bus charter visitors continue to throng to the valley, especially for the annual ultra-marathon. During this 135-mile journey into the Death Valley, one’s strength, grit, patience and persistence is tested like it has never been tested before.

Part of the magic of Death Valley comes from some really unexplainable sights and sites. The Death Valley has very low altitude levels and is surrounded by mountains, the situation of which explains the valley’s hard-to-endure extreme weather. Long and narrow, the basin measures up to 282 feet below sea level.

Unlike other tourist attractions, most California bus charter visitors visit the Death Valley any time but summer, when the weather is milder and less punishing. The good thing about organizing a summer bus tour around Death Valley and its magnificent mountains and terrain is that you know you are going to have pretty much the entire desert to yourself.

Joshua Tree National Park

Although it may not seem like much when viewed from within the confines of your California rented charter bus, if you stepped outside to have a closer look at what the park has to offer, you will have a different impression of it. Covering nearly 800,000 acres, the desert national park is only slightly larger than Rhode Island.

The desert can be split into multiple regions:-

  • Mojave Desert
  • Lower Colorado Desert
  • Little San Bernardino Mountains

Bring the kids along off peak season to see some really dramatically interesting creatures that you can’t find in zoos...for instance, bighorn sheeps and granite spires. But in order to see these creatures, you would have to get off the comfort of the charter bus and really explore the park’s natural resources. Joshua Tree, Yucca Brevifolia, is a natural plant that thrives on the park’s extreme weather. On the granite monoliths, climbers and adventurous hikers will challenge their abilities.

Anza-Borrego Desert National Park

Occupying a large part of San Diego, the Anza-Borrego national park takes its name from the bighorn sheeps (in Spanish) that roam its vast wilderness. The difference between this desert park and others is, sometimes, you surprises California bus charter visitors with a showcase of wildflowers.

The park offers 12 wilderness explorative areas and 500 miles worth of dirt road for off-road racing and tours. Animals like mule deer, iguanas, a wide range of lizards and kit foxes call the plains their home so, get ready with your camera if you spot them. They are shy and harmless animals that would rather go about their day without the drama that some visitors bring them.

Anza-Borrego, as with Death Valley is surrounded by magnificent mountains namely:-

  • Laguna Mountains
  • Vallecito Mountains
  • Santa Rosa Mountains

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